Organizer: Ashley Harding (Event Director)

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Four Seasons Chase

This event is part of the 2018 Four Seasons Chase. All events in the chase are open to everyone.

There will be a Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced course.

To pre-register for this event and receive the reduced registration fee, please email by the Thursday prior and include the following: Full Name (first and last) and the course you wish to run. Also, please include if you have an SI-Card already (include SI Number) or if you will be renting one for the event.

Each event will be considered a "C" event, and as such, not eligible for NSOS points.

Race Fees

Youth: $5
Adult: $10
Team: $15
Organized Groups: $5/participant

Race Day:
Youth: $10
Adult: $15
Team: $20
Organized Groups: $8/participant

Organized Groups include scouts, cadets, etc.

SI-Card Rental: $3

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